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Take part in the largest Round Robin, Gi and No-Gi Submissions Only tournament ever:

The 2011 West Coast Submission Championship at the Richmond Sport Club!

ARE YOU READY to prove your skill and determination on Saturday, February in the best On-Time tournament by fighting UP TO 10 TIMES with little rest in between matches?

You train hard and learn new techniques all the time, but when you train you usually spar with the same team mates that know your game in and out, as much as you know their game. So how will you know of what you are capable off?

Step up and try to win the 2011 West Coast Submission Championship at the Richmond Sport Club to prove YOU ARE THE BEST in your Gi or No-Gi division on the West Coast!

Competitors from all teams in BC and even Washington State register year after year to compete in our unique Round Robin Tournament. This year will hold our tournament in a very central location at the 34,000 sq ft Richmond Sports Club to accomodate all competitors and allow for Gi and No-Gi division on the SAME DAY!
Often times at tournaments you spend lots of time waiting and then get one or two fights if you win. This tournament is different since we are using a rarely seen Round-Robin style competition, where regardless of outcome each athlete squares up against all others in his weight division, scoring only by SUBMISSION!
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Round Robin tournaments give you the chance to fight many opponents back to back. because we all know that Single
elimination tourneys can fall short if you are after gaining lots of tournament experience! You’ve invested far too much time
and dedication to walk away only because your timing was off in one match. Don’t let this happen this time around!

“My kids were awesome today at the tournament, bronze for Luke and Conor dominated every fight. Huge divisions, great tournament! Just more experience for the next one!”

Kevin Doerksen, Port Moody

“”I just had the time of my life, came second in the tourny for No-Gi and I am hurting all over my body. It’s time for ice cream and sleep””

Harfi Bhullar, Maple Ridge

“2nd place in the Gi division, 3rd place in the No-Gi division! Super awesome time, can’t wait until the next one! Lots of good action at the tourny too! Super turnout and sportsmanship.”

Todd Kelly, New Westminster

“Great atmosphere and experience! Very well organized Don, I loved it!”

Georgi Vezirov, Vancouver

Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to win with your friends and family watching and by pulling off the ultimate submissions? Well, stop wondering and just do it! This is your last chance before the Summer break- this is your chance to shine. You’ve put in hours and hours of training time, just imagine how great it will feel to prove what you are capable of!

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Don’t put it off any longer by waiting until Fall! Test yourself and prove to yourself what you are capable of. Win or loose, you get exactly as many matches as everyone else allowing you to gain valuable tournament experience! You literally have NOTHING to lose by entering this competiton. Just remember to train hard to get READY!
If you’re serious about Jiu-Jitsu Gi or No-Gi, about improving your grappling skills and being the best martial artists you can be then you really only have one choice. Invest and register to enter the 2011 West Coast Submissions Championship.
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Weight divisions are the same for Gi and No-Gi competitors and everyone will weight in without gi at 9:00am. All BJJ divisions will be completed first to give competitors a chance to compete in both.

Admission for spectators is $7 including tax payable at the door. Kids 12 and under have free admission.

The 2010 West Coast Submissions Championship takes place in the Richmond Sports Club on Saturday, February 12th, 2011. The weight-ins will start at 9:00am and all fights start at 10:00am. As soon as the BJJ divisions conclude the BJJ No-Gi divisions will start. Every competitor will fight up to 10 times opponents of varying skill levels.
Please note that we have updated our weight categories to comply with the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation and that the SAME weight divisions apply to No-Gi and Gi (not worn at weight in) divisions. No hard cups, braces, or earguards are allowed in either division. BJJ competitors have to wear a clean, untorn gi with no T-shirt or rash guard under it. All BJJ No-Gi competitors have to wear shorts and a T-shirt or rash guard, no exceptions.
Matches will start from standing. Fighters who move onto or outside the border when standing can (at the discretion of the referee) be restarted in the centre of the mat. If fighters move outside the area while on the ground (both fighters have at least one knee down) then the action is frozen and they are moved back to the centre of the mat in their current position. Deliberately or repeatedly moving outside the area will be considered as stalling and will be treaded like a foul

Ways to win:

  • Submission (physical and/or verbal)
  • Referees Stoppage (medical or rule infringement)
  • Corner stops fight

Time limit:

There will be one 4 minute round per bout.
Illegal Techniques :

Kicking or punching, gouging (including any pressure on eye socket, armpit or ribs), any foot attack other than straight footlocks, any leg attack other than straight kneebars, wrist locks, twisting or compression of the neck and/or spine, small joint manipulations, knee or elbow slicers, point of elbow pressure, grabbing the throat, scissor takedowns, body slams or suplex throws, deliberately moving outside the designated mat area, stalling or refusing to engage with an opponent or trying to alter the outcome of a match without a fight!

Safety Rules:

Only soft cups, ear guars and braces of any kind are permitted due to safety consideration of the other competitors. Committing 2 fouls in a match result in an automatic loss. However, the referee has discretion to disqualify a competitor immediately after a serious, dangerous or deliberate foul. The referee can stop or restart a match at any time if he considers it necessary for safety reasons. The referee’s decision is final and non-negotiable.

Scoring system:

Fighters fight in a round-robin within their weight category. 3 points are awarded for a win, 1 point each for a draw (i.e. no decision or stoppage by end of time) and 0 points for a loss. At the end of the round robin the fighters with the highest scores wins. Medals will be awarded to the winner and runner-up for each category.

So, are you ready to sign up?

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Legal Dislaimer: All entry fees are non-refundable. West Coast Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Inc. guarantees each competitor at least
Two fights in each Gi and No-Gi divison and does not assume any responsibility for personal injuries or damage/loss of
personal properties occuring during the event.


2010 Champions
Male Super Featherweight:
Up to 136 lbs
2010 Champion: Calvin Fung, Universal MMARunner-up: Terrence Chan, Universal MMA
Male Featherweight:
Up to 149 lbs
2010 Champion: Jason Gagnon, West Coast BJJ Port CoquitlamRunner-up: Adam Nguyen, Megaton Jiu-Jitsu
Male Lightweight:
Up to 162 lbs
2010 Champion: Shawn Albrecht, West Coast BJJ Maple RidgeRunner-up: Keith Davis, West Coast BJJ Maple Ridge
Male Middleweight:
Up to 176 lbs
2010 Champion: Dave Kennedy, West Coast BJJ Port CoquitlamRunners-up: Ron Hudson and Joel Dumas, Universal MMA
Male Medium Heavyweight:
Up to 189 lbs
2010 Champion: Jacen Brooks, West Coast BJJ Port CoquitlamsRunner-up: Michael Jacoby, Megaton Jiu-Jitsu
Male Heavyweight:
Up to 202 lbs
2010 Champion: John Weistra, West Coast BJJ Maple RidgeRunner-up: Dan MacIver, West Coast BJJ Abbotsford
Male Super Heavyweight:
Above 202 lbs
2010 Champion: Nick Meyers, West Coast BJJ AbbotsfordRunner-up: Matt Conti, No Team Named
2010 Champions: N/A
Juniors 1:
Age 13 – 14
2010 Champion:Brandon Fratino, West Coast BJJ Maple RidgeRunner-up: Steven Rosenau, West Coast BJJ Maple Ridge
Juniors 2:
Age 15 – 17
2010 Champion: Yann Laredo, West Coast BJJ Port CoquitlamRunner-up: Ben Smyth, World Class Martial Arts
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