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Stand-up Strategies For BJJ Fighters

Many BJJ fighters have only one thought when it comes to their stand-up: how to get on the mat as fast as possible.

While this may work in competition I consider it a very narrow approach since you are not giving up a large advantage by trying to take down your opponent getting on top of him but also take a away from the realistic part of Jiu-Jitsu.

Afterall, how can you teach BJJ to your students and tell them how realistic it is yet the first thing you do when things turn serious outside the gym is lay on the floor.I think this Simpson sketch says it all:

In my view, every BJJ practitioner should also seriously study BJJ specific takedowns that take in account a realistic scenario while allowing us to work our strenghts. To start we need to figure out how not being taken down ourselves if we ever want to have a chance to take down our opponent. While I respect wrestling and Judo as awesome Martial Arts, BJJ poses different challenges and so needs different answers.

So, in the next video I am talking about the challenges BJJ fighters face and how to overcome them:

The good news is that we do not have to become wrestlers or Judokas to stand and fight but we have to be able to integrate 2-3 simple go-to takedown combinations that gives us the chance to set up our favourite ground game. Focusing on the basic throws and takedowns and developing a stand up strategy that fits us, will allow us to stand up if we ever find ourselves in a self-defence situation as well as on the mat to play the Jiu-Jitsu game we want to play.



The start off we have to work on our ability to defend the Takedown first. Often BJJ fighters are way to willing to give up the takedown in the hope for a quick submission like the Guillotine or Kimura but unless you planned these submissions way in advance you will simple get rushed and end up down on points when the fight has hardly started.

So make sure you spend the time and develop a solid takedown defence by paying close attention to your stance, hand position and the basic take down defences shown above and you will be able to implement your game with the confidence that you will not be taken down easily.

See you on the mat,

Don Whitefield

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