BJJ Head Coach

Don Whitefield trained Judo and Boxing in Germany before moving to the West Coast and started to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Wellington Dias and Rickson Gracie in 1997. As a purple belt he was introduced to the legendary Ricardo de la Riva by the local Carlson Gracie team and he trains under him since. Don received his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt directly from the Master De la Riva in his main academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2009.

While travelling across North America for his corporate job he noticed the lack of realistic Martial Arts schools teaching in an organized and safe manner causing him to start his own school with West Coast Martial Arts. Today tots learn listening and self control in our schools while teens and adults get in great shape, learn effective self defense and everyone grows as human beings on the inside as well as a Martial Artist on the outside.

Over the last 14 years Don has taught Jiu-Jitsu to countless students and many head coaches from teams like Coquitlam Martial Arts and Genesis BJJ to Clinch MMA and On Guard BJJ. Most of his students opened their own clubs as successful members of the West Coast BJJ Association.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing Coach

Brodie Koop started his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training at age seven under Don Whitefield and has consistently trained for the last and competed eleven years.

He is an expert in Kickboxing and an experienced Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Brodie is an easy going nineteen-year-old Junior coach with years of teaching experience that cares genuinely about his students regardless of age.

He is passionate about teaching Martial Arts, always has a great attitude and gives his best every day.


BJJ Coach Don

Todd Deane-Freeman has been training with Don since 2006 starting with him as a white belt.

He was a very talented grappler right from the beginning and won in a short time the 2006 Tigerbalm International Championship in BJJ and Submission Grappling and the 2007 West Coast Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship defeating several higher ranks along the way.

He has been supporting the team wholeheartedly over the years and proved as a great teacher as well as grappler.

After eight years of training hard to receive his black belt from Don Whitefield in 2014 in Hawaii and he continues to teach BJJ classes every week in Maple Ridge and Port Coquitlam.

BJJ Coach

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