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Stand-Up Strategies For BJJ Fighters

Many BJJ fighters have only one thought when it comes to their stand-up: how to get on the mat as fast as possible.

While this may work in competition I consider it a very narrow approach since you are not giving up a large advantage by trying to take down your opponent getting on top of him but also take a away from the realistic part of Jiu-Jitsu.

After all, how can you teach BJJ to your students and tell them how realistic it is yet the first thing you do when things turn serious outside the gym is lay on the floor.I think this Simpson sketch says it all:

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Ask a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

Interview and pictures by Peter Gordon

It is likely that practitioners of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu have dedicated a career to the art before they attain the level of black belt. By that time, they have been through countless seminars, tournaments, and spent years on the mats, years training with people, learning, absorbing, and adapting to innovations as they have come. Before I came to West Coast Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to train under Don Whitefield, I hadn’t actually trained under a black belt before. You just dont meet someone of that rank every day, it would seem.

As I had only ever been training under teachers who were still on that journey, I wondered what the difference would be to train with someone who made it all the way there to black belt. Don’s personal enthusiasm for the sport is amazing. More than anyone else I have come across, his manner of teaching embeds lessons with information about all aspects of the art and sport of BJJ from its history and origins to current trends and practices.

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How To Cure BJJ Knee Injuries Fast!


Of the three most common injuries in Jiu-Jitsu people get- knee, shoulder or neck injuries I only injured my knees and after an ACL replacement on the right and meniscus trimming on the left knee (before learning how to roll with knee safety in mind) I am 100% healthy when it come to my joints and neck.

I never had many injuries. Although I’ve train almost every day for the last 15 years after starting BJJ at age 32. I’ve always had enough common sense, sleep, water and sound nutrition to prevent being injured for any long amount of time.

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Are You Really A Martial Artist?


It’s a simple question, isn’t it? Of course the answer depends on how you define Martial Artist. Is someone who buys a Martial Arts uniform, signs up at a gym to learn Martial Arts techniques a Martial Artist? I believe that these are the first steps in order to become one but these steps alone will never make you one.

In my experience with students I learned that you may train a long time really hard, you may learn many techniques getting in great shape and you may compete even at the highest level but that only makes you a fighter not a Martial Artist. If you are just training your body and the physical aspect of Martial Arts without training your mind, you are missing the real purpose of training Martial Arts.

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Help, I Cannot Get In Shape!



Many Canadians struggle to get in shape for years and yet it is shocking to see how little they have to show for in the end. Since we are offering many programs for men and women as West Coast Martial Arts I am amazed to see this first hand and see why so many people fail in reaching their fitness goals.

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