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    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    West Coast Martial Arts in Maple Ridge| Brazilian Jiu-JitsuWest Coast Martial Arts in Maple Ridge Offers Self- Defence Lessons For Everyone!

    Jiu-Jitsu (meaning “Gentle Art”) relies on leverage and technique rather than explosiveness and strength allowing any person regardless of athletic ability to learn and practice it successfully.

    Regardless if for self-defence or fitness, West Coast Martial Arts offers the best Tots, Teens and Adults Martial Arts programs in the Mission/ Maple Ridge/ Pitt Meadows area. That is why more and more students join our team everyday and our association is growing all the time. So if you are ready to try realistic Martial Arts that will teach you great self-defence skills and change your life for the better, then join West Coast Martial Arts or one of our West Coast BJJ Association clubs now.

    Muay Thai Kickboxing

    West Coast Martial Arts in Maple Ridge | Muay Thai KickboxingIt’s So Easy To Get A Great Workout! Muay Thai Kickboxing is one of the fastest growing sport across Canada because any Junior or Adult can do without any preparation. Just jump into our friendly Martial Arts classes in Maple Ridge, get a perfect workout every time and get into the Kickboxing lifestyle which leaves you strong, fit and relaxed! We make it easy for you to join and learn from us regardless if you have a toddler, child or teen or if you are an adult of any age with our 10 years experience in realistic Martial Arts by providing a safe, professional training environment. There are many “Fight Clubs” out there but we pride ourselves in being an actual Martial Arts school that carefully screens new members.

    Junior Martial Arts

    Little Orcas Martial Arts in Maple Ridge | Kids Martial ArtsWe Will Change Your Child’s Life! West Coast Martial Arts Little Orcas Tots (3 years +) and our R.E.A.L. Martial Arts classes. These programs will improve your child’s discipline, self defense and listening skills like no other sport or Martial Art can! R.E.A.L. stands for Realistic Educational Martial Arts Learning and consists of Kickboxing and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu while our Little Orcas Tots Program starts out toddlers age 3 and up with the safest Martial Arts on the planet: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Since there is no punching or kicking in BJJ, young children can learn all the character traits that come with Martial Arts training without getting injured or learning how to hurt other children so, try our Martial Arts classes in Maple Ridge today!

    Change Someone’s life today with West Coast Martial Arts in Maple Ridge!

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing age 3+ My name is Don Whitefield and I welcome you to learn realistic Martial Arts in a professional, friendly and legitimate Martial Arts school setting. We are proud to be different from all other schools but don’t take my word for it. Sign up for your FREE private Martial Arts class today and find out why so many other residents of Maple Ridge have made West Coast Martial Arts their home over the last 20 years. It is because we are the only school that is:

    • * offering Fundamental Programs specifically made for beginner students
    • * offering realistic Self-Defence in an organized curriculum
    • * offering high-value Martial Arts programs age 3+
    • * Keeping gang members, steroid and drug users out to protect our students
    • * offering memberships starting at $85 per month
    • * offering a 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
    • * teaching more than fighting, we turn students into Martial Artists on the inside and outside! So experience yourself what sets West Coast Martial Arts apart today.

    Our ten year old son has been enthusiastically attending classes twice a week for nearly two years and I’ve noticed drastic changes for the better in our Colin’s self esteem, confidence and athleticism since he joined. I highly recommend these courses to any parent!

    Don Huppee, Maple Ridge

    I have lost over 40lbs, whipped my body into the best shape of my life and gained a new sense of confidence. I used to dread going to my large chain gym but being involved in group Martial Arts programs I now look forward to every class. I love training with West Coast!

    Brittany Carman, Port Coquitlam

    I am very happy that I decided to train with Don. I checked out the classes at the other clubs and realized what a difference there is in quality training. It was like night and day…

    Maple RIdge Martial Arts | Free Team - No Drugs, No Steroids, No Gangs

    Address: 22760 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, BC (Across from London Drugs)

    Phone: 778-836-7473

    Email: don@westcoastmartialarts.ca