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Help, I Cannot Get In Shape!


Many Canadians struggle to get in shape for years and yet it is shocking to see how little they have to show for in the end. Since we are offering many programs for men and women as West Coast Martial Arts I am amazed to see this first hand and see why so many people fail in reaching their fitness goals.

Here are the two basic scenarios I see week after week:

One one hand I have those new clients who have decent athletic ability, that are just out of shape and would benefit greatly from training with us.

These people come in on daily deals trying us out, love the gym, the instructors the workout and see clearly how much they would benefit by not only getting shape but by actually learning Kickboxing or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills in a friendly environment. The problem is that they are not committed to their health and they shy away from signing up while making their goals a priority.

But they simply cannot decide. So, they keep buying more special offer online because they seem so cheap, switching programs from one club to the other often with gaps of no training of all in between and then eventually they drift off ending up never getting in shape at all only because they cannot take the important step of committing themselves to a healthier lifestyle for a certain amount of time in the first place!

Their reason is that they cannot effort “regular training” and yet they are spending their money on so many other things that do not support their health and well-being at all. In their attempt to “save money” they spend all their money on trials that lead nowhere leaving them overweight and frustrated in the end.


And then there is the second group of students coming in on special offers:

Often these students have not worked out in a while and they are not very coordinated or athletic BUT THEY ARE WILLING TO TAKE THE ALL IMPORTANT NEXT STEP and commit to training with us for at least 6 months and guess what? They get in shape within 4-5 months loving theworkout and the fact that they actually learn a skill rather than just doing cardio. 

All they did is take the leap of faith and committed to their health making it part of their daily life. They took the time to check us out, they made the DECISION TO GET HEALTHY and most of them never look back and love their new lifestyle.
I would love to help you to reach your goals this year and I will actually refund your 100% of your daily deal money spend if you decide to commit. If it is just a money issue please talk to me personally and I will try hard to make it work but the first step it up to you: decide that you want to make the change this year!

I hope that this is will help you get in shape and learn cool kicks and punches along the way. Please let me know if you have any question by calling Shawn at 778-736-7473.

Thank You,

Don Whitefield

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